I took over the Wellness Almanac’s instagram account for a week. This is why.

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On January 11, 2016, Amie Le Blanc logged into instagram as The Wellness Almanac. For the next week, we experienced life through her eyes. It was an experiment. It was the launch of, what we hope, to be a long experiment, into sharing perspectives and walking in each other’s shoes.

Show us a week in your life, I asked. Show us what community, home and wellness mean to you.

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Here’s what it looked like.

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 8.00.38 PM

Here’s why she did it:

I was super honoured to accept the Winds of Change/Wellness Alamanc’s offer to take over their instagram account last week – especially since I would be their first takeover!

I loved Lisa’s e-mail pitch. She wrote me a wonderful e-mail, illustrating all of the positive messages that the Winds of Change likes to emphasize and share with their followers.

I’ve spent the last two years dedicating a lot of time into learning about how to make healthy choices, create healthy relationships, and take care of myself as a whole; so she couldn’t have pitched a better cause.

I wanted to share some of my “healthy” habits and interests with viewers.

It took me a long time to realize that it’s okay if some of the things that make me happy, aren’t “cool” or “exciting”, and I’d love to share that realization.

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 8.01.31 PM

I don’t hike mountains, but I love photographing them or admiring Karen Love’s paintings. I cuddle with my cats way too often, and I have a slight obsession with playing pool.

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 8.05.45 PM

My goal was really to show the little things that light up my day and that my work is my unpredictable passion – if I have a super slow day, I make up for it a few days later with a 12 hour wedding gig.

Thanks for trusting me to takeover the instagram account! I hope to takeover again this summer when I have some more outdoor clients and road trips to include!

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 8.01.47 PM

Huge thanks to Amie for taking the keys and driving us to some beautiful places.

Keep following her at instagram.com/amieleblanc.

Tell us what you think about this foray into another medium…

We think, and hope, that sharing photos with captions is easier for people than writing blog posts, and that it will be another venue for us to tap into the expertise, passion, awesomeness, courage, and struggles that define the people who live here.

Keep following us, as we pass the torch to our next contributor.

And drop a note to thewellnessalmanac@gmail.com or pembygrl@gmail.com, if you think you might be interested in taking thewellnessalmanac on instagram for a spin.


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