Amie Le Blanc is taking over our instagram account today for the week

I fall in love with people over instagram.

I know that social media feeds like instagram get a bad rap for selfie overload, for encouraging narcissism, or envy and depression thanks to such inaccurate presentations of people’s lives.


Make your home instagram-worthy?!?! Say NO, to this kind of mind poison…

But you don’t have to follow that stuff. And, I like seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. It makes my days feel a little more kaleidescopic.

Screen shot 2016-01-10 at 8.42.18 PM

Say yes, to this lovely instagram feed from Pemberton’s Amie Le Blanc, who will be taking over the Wellness Almanac account today for the week!

So, I’m excited about this new project for the Wellness Almanac – apart from getting our instagram back on, we’re kicking off with weekly guestagrammers – an approach of passing the lens back and forth that I hope will deepen our sense of appreciation and connectedness with the people living amongst us and around us.


I knew of Amie Le Blanc because of her gorgeous photos of the Pemberton Downtown Barn, and a DSLR photography class she was teaching at the Community Centre. So I reached out to her, to kick things off.


The returned-back-home local just happens to be a professional photographer with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Photography and Diploma in Studio Art.

So the journey is in good hands.

We’ll share highlights on the blog, but if you’re on instagram, follow along at…





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