Out on The Town


Most people are aware that there are a lot of babies and young kids in Pemberton. There are also many activities for these youngsters; just check out the parking lot at the bike park on a Wednesday night, or peek in the great hall at the rec centre to see the little bodies tumbling around at gymnastics. Fewer people know about the various activities available for seniors in this town. Every month, the Senior’s Society puts out a calendar of events and it is rare that a day goes by without some activity to partake in. (You can join if you’re over fifty; yahoo-embrace your opportunities!)  There are excursions to local restaurants, art classes, movie days and monthly potlucks to name a few. Recently, Grimm’s Deli has provided a venue for seniors every second Wednesday night and last Wednesday, my dad and I went to Country and Western Night. Shawn Wallace, John Corrigan and Jim Loucks, sang and accompanied themselves on guitar, drums, ukulele and harmonica. It was like a Pemberton style dinner theatre; they played many old time classic country songs and we got to enjoy the music while munching away on our sandwiches. Actually, it was almost like a private supper club as there were only two others in the audience. We were enthusiastic though, and so was the band and afterwards we sat around and chatted with them while Dad shared his memories of playing saxophone in a band when he came to Pemberton. They agreed that Dad should send them a list of some old Big Band era favourites that they might practice and then sing at the next social. And “social” is what it’s all about, really, because whenever I attend such occasions with Dad, I’m struck by the ease with which everyone chats and laughs. Here in Pemberton, at least, aging doesn’t have to mean the end of socializing. So, here’s my ninety-four year old dad, living it up on a Wednesday night with an evening of music and gabbing and maybe a scoop or two of ice cream for dessert.

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