Take a hike, with Shayla Wallace, our newest photo contributor

I wish it didn’t end.

That’s the feedback we’re happy to receive from the Wellness Almanac’s intagram takeover project – from followers and from photographers.

Shayla Wallace took over the account from April 24 – May 1:

 I couldn’t help but feel amazed by how many people I’ve reached. There has always been a deep love in my heart for the Lil’wat Territory and I was excited to share it with all of you. I spend most of my days at work (The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center) but afterwards and during my weekends I get to go out and explore my hometown. My favorite place to hike is the creek, the sounds of glacier water running, the views it holds, even the smell of the tall cedar trees and wild flowers are heavenly.  It feels as if my week was over way too soon and I didn’t get to share as much of the Lil’wat territory as I wanted too but it will be an experience I will never forget.

I’m happy to share the news that  Shayla Wallace, has agreed to become a regular photo contributor to the blog. We’ll share her images every other Saturday.


Shayla introduces herself:

When I was a little girl I was quite the little adventurer, my grandparents and my dad would take me up the mountains and creeks in the Lil’wat territory, we would leave after breakfast and wouldn’t return home until dinner. They would teach me all of the different plants and trees names. We would even harvest different types of berries and nuts, my favorite part was when we would return home with our findings my Grandma would make jam out of them and we would feast. I’m so grateful to live in this gorgeous territory and there’s lots of places I haven’t explored yet. My names Shayla, and  I hope you all enjoy my photographs and join me on my adventures.

Here’s her photo today:

Shaylas picture for May 21

There is nothing better than going on a hike to clear your mind, I spend most of my time on the trails in the Mount Currie area. Soaking up the beauty of the surrounding mountains, the scents of the wild flowers and trees. It’s absolute bliss. Here’s a personal favorite photo of mine, it was taken along Peq Creek, located in the Lil’wat territory. ~ SW


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