The Bridge


As I cross the bridge from this year to next year, I can’t help but wonder who I will become in 2016.

For with each moment, day, week, month, or year that passes, my intention is to become a better version of myself.

I wish to learn from my mistakes (preferably the first time and not the tenth+ time), to gracefully let go of what doesn’t serve me, to practice gratitude in life even when the suck factor is huge and overwhelming, (especially when the suck factor is huge and overwhelming,) and to bounce back from suffering each time more swiftly than the time before.  I intend to remain conscious. Conscious with myself, with loved ones, with nature, with mankind.  I will choose to live my truth, ask for help, celebrate little wins, to share my gifts in all the ways that I am able, and to surround myself with wonderful people.

For years nearing the celebration of the new year, I have chosen 2 words to help guide me through my next 4 seasons.  On top of all of the goals/intentions that I have set for myself, these two words remain in the forefront.

This year I have chosen Belief and Curiosity.

Curiosity has always played a huge role in my life and I’m looking forward to honouring my curiosity even more so this year.  For me, belief is a nice reminder that when things seem to not be going according to plan, that the universe must be conspiring on my behalf.  Along those same lines, it acts as a prompt to believe in the awesome ability of myself and others.

I encourage you to choose 1 or 2 words to guide you in 2016 and I’m curious to see who you will become.

Peace and Love.

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