Almost 3000 birds came to celebrate Christmas in Pemberton, including a never-before-sighted Harris’ sparrow

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Even before John Tschopp, our birding correspondent, had finished crunching the numbers of the 2015 Pemberton Christmas Bird Count, things were looking good…

A local feeder watcher at Erickson Rd, Annette, has been looking at a rare Sparrow for two weeks.

John verified the sighting with his camera, proving the visitor to be a The Harris’s Sparrow. It is not even on the Pemberton list, which makes it so special.

The final numbers for the bird-counting efforts yielded a remarkable tally of 2963 birds – the second highest number in Pemberton Christmas Bird Count history.

10 different species were noted through the count week, with an additional 53 tallied on count day – an impressive effort from all the volunteer counters who are keep such close tabs on our habitat and the winged friends we share it with.

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year to all.

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