Community Development and Leadership Program: Register Now

The Pemberton Welcoming Communities Partnership and Pemberton Cultural Roundtable have partnered to develop a free workshop series for community organisations and volunteers.


Download the brochure, here.

Brochure CD&L series Pemberton 20132014

It comprises a 10 week Community Development & Leadership Program that volunteers are encouraged to register for ASAP, supplemented by 9 workshops that are open to all.

The first session of the Community Development & Leadership program is October 2.

The program is designed to help community organizations and volunteers nurture volunteers to grow and blossom and, in so doing, grow healthy and resilient communities. The core program will run for 6 weeks, starting October 2 on Wednesday evenings from 6.15 to 8.45pm at Pemberton Public Library. Participants will choose a further four sessions to complete the program from the open workshop series. Core program sessions: Exploring Community, Focus on Community Development, Leadership, Communication skills, Facilitation skills and Networking/Outreach

Register for the 10 week Program by completing a registration form and sending it to Carole Stretch at or leaving it at the Pemberton library.

In addition, 9 free workshops will be delivered on Wednesday evening from 6.15 to 8.45pm at the Pemberton Public Library for those who are unable to commit to the 10 week program, or have already completed the full program. Workshop topics include: Grant Writing, Cultural Diversity, Project Planning, Clear Language and Design, Building an organization, Building and developing community partnerships, Running a formal meeting, Public Relations, Computers for Community and Building Online Communication Skills.

The Program and Workshop Series is based on the ‘Everything Present in the Seed’ Community Leadership Training program developed by Capilano University Department of Community Development and Outreach, and delivered by faculty of Capilano University.

Register for any of the 9 workshops by confirming you’d like to register at the Pemberton library or emailing Carole with details of what you’d like to register for plus name and contact details (email/phone numbr).

The program is aimed at developing essential skills of volunteers, within non-profits.

However, a number of workshops will be of interest also to the business and commercial sectors – especially the clear language and design session which will help everyone think about how they communicate vusually (print, internet, charts, presentations etc) and the cultural diversity session which will be of interest to anyone who works/interacts with different cultures, needs, or populations.

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