Sign Up for Grow With Nature Summer Camps

Wondering what to do with your kids this summer and need a hand while you go to work? Learning about nature, in nature, is an invaluable part of childhood and early adolescent development. Taking the time to enjoy and learn about the outdoors is a great way to connect all ages to the life sustaining ecosystems in which they live. This promotes health and well-being on many levels, and creates an elevated level of understanding and positively influences daily actions as our society strives towards wellness and sustainability on many levels.

Stewardship Pemberton Society is pleased to announce Grow with Nature Summer Break Camps. These camps are for kids heading to Grade 1 in September, to age 11. The cost per day is $45 and camps are open from 9-5pm , Monday to Friday at the One Mile Lake Nature Centre. Kids need to bring an appetite to explore and have fun! To register go to or you can e-mail


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