Seasonal observations: It’s spring and love is in the air

My favourite correspondent, John Tschopp, has broken away from his usual orthithological themed observations to share this one, for our collective phenology journal. Phenology, derived from the Greek word phaino, meaning "to show or appear," is literally "the science of appearance." It is a segment of ecology focused on the study of periodic plant and animal lifecycle … Continue reading Seasonal observations: It’s spring and love is in the air

Happy International Women’s Day

I asked Anastasia Chomlack to do a takeover of our instagram because she's an inordinately talented photographer who moved her family to Pemberton, she hosts all kinds of workshops and gatherings geared at empowering women, and she's lived through her own health struggles, so I figured she'd have some insight into wellness. I didn't … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day


An object between a source of light and a ground will cast a shadow if the light source is bright enough-that’s the straight forward explanation for shadows and that’s the interpretation I take when I observe these dark images. I’m not unaware of the various significance others might attach to a fascination with shadows but … Continue reading Shadows