You’re a work in progress. So what have you worked out so far? Anna Lengstrand’s list inspires me to ask

Anna Lengstrand was an instagrammer for us back in February 2017, and recently shared this on her personal channel, which inspired me to ask the same question of myself.

What have you picked up along the way?

What a fun list to make… as a reminder to yourself that, as much as you might still be workshopping things, you’re making progress.

Anna Lengstrand plays peek a boo with Mt Currie

by Anna Lengstrand:

Things I’ve picked up along the way…

  • invest in GoreTex clothes if you live the mountains
  • plant-based whole foods are the way to go. Going plant based (vegan) was the best decision I have ever made for myself
  • ALL female bum shapes looks more flattering in cheeky/brazilian swimsuit bottoms
  • floss everyday
  • acupuncture is amazing
  • life can end today
  • everyone’s more beautiful in their natural state, leave those eyebrows be for example
  • learn to enjoy your own company
  • throw out the traditional bras, go free or choose a comfy bralette/top
  • skip the booze
  • also skip gluten products unless it’s multi grain sour dough – learn about superfood mushrooms
  • everyone can’t like you, that’s the harsh truth, and that’s okay
  • change is good, don’t fight it
  • natural face oil is way better than face cream!
  • always speak your truth but with kindness and compassion
  • invest in super foods and good supplements, take them daily
  • learn to read food labels indetail, it can save your life
  • you’re responsible for your own life, health, happiness
  • without passion life is grey
  • stretch and do yoga daily
  • laugh
  • cut down on social media time, so go and do something more meaningful now

Anna Lengstrand rides through the spooky mist

What have you got? Share, if you feel so inclined!

Photos courtesy Anna Lengstrand.

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