Anna Lengstrand looks back on her Instagram takeover


“Surround yourself with those who inspire you. The people that brings out the absolute best in you. The kind of people who force you to level up in everything you do.”


Thank you Lisa for the opportunity to letting me do the Instagram take over in mid January. I truly enjoyed sharing my week, and life here at our ranch, with you guys!

I’m grateful to live in such a supportive and inspiring community like Pemberton and Mt Currie. Thank you for welcoming this Swedish girl so warmly and open heartedly!

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It's been a pleasure sharing my life with you all this past week, thank you for your time ❤ My life might look picturesque and easy in photos here, but I'd like to tell you all a little history before my time here is up… I grew up with a single mum back home in Sweden with grandparents very far away. My mum has had it tough to raise me and my brother alone, working so hard to have enough money for food etc. School was a battle with some really dark years being bullied and very lonely. But I have always had animals and nature in my life, and they have helped me to stay rooted and keep my spirit up. But hardships helps you to grow. Shape you and make you strong. It made me independent, persistent and very hard working. And grateful for the little things in life. At a young age I wanted to buy some nice clothes, travel, have a horse, study. So I put my mind to it and made it happen by working on the weekends from an early age. And I've worked very hard since to create my dream life. I rarely slow down, I have this energy inside me to always keep going (so now I'm working on slowing down haha). So please never give up! Feelings and situations are only temporary, if you're somewhere dark it WILL be lighter soon. Even if it doesn't feel like it at the time. Just keep going. Trust yourself and trust life. Work on loving yourself for who you are. Be you. We are all important and very unique… So let's never judge someone else, we never know their real story. Peace out ✌🏻#annasweek

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Next, I was going to write a short summary of my Instagram week supporting the Winds of Change project (which is a project that I really care about), but as I started to type something else wanted to come out instead:

“A year ago was the last day I worked for someone else… I believe that we weren’t put on this earth just to make money and pay bills. I have always felt deep inside that I need to live a simpler life with more meaning,  purpose, flexibility and freedom. I reminded myself that the scariest life decisions are often the most rewarding, the I took the leap and quit my job… Now I work with something that I truly love with my whole heart. I believe in what I’m doing and I’m representing my whole family and our indigenous Swedish culture all at once. And I’m becoming more active. I can’t just watch things happen any longer. It’s time to make my voice heard. My indigenous heritage that means so much to me, that I am so proud of, is still being frowned upon by many in Scandinavia. Racism is growing stronger. Tension is building up. Culture is threatened. The land has to be fought for. And similar patterns are taking place all around the world. Here. Across the border. Down under. Everywhere. I know there are so much more we can do! To make a difference, for all of us really. We need to stand up for ourselves. For our family. For others. For our community and culture. For our magical planet. We are all people of this one planet; the same piece of land. My friends in Lil’wat Nation, Pemberton, Whistler, Scandinavia, America, South America, Australia. Europe. Everyone… We are all in this together. What do we want our only home (Earth) to be like? And we need to remember this. Especially now when the world seems shakier than ever… It’s time to come together, each and everyone of us. Respect and understanding. Love. I believe that we can do it. I’m sick and tired of just watching all this taking place.”

And, if you’d like to see what I actually did during my Instagram takeover, check out the Wellness Almanac’s Instagram account and go back to mid January 2017 🙂


Blessings, Anna Lengstrand

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