Ruminations of a lonely swan on One Mile Lake – a tiny story



It’s Tuesday. Which means it’s time for a tiny story! You will be able to devour one of these bite-sized tales in between sips of coffee. But be warned, it might linger a lot longer. We kick off Tiny Stories Tuesdays with the winning story from the Library’s 2016 contest, adult edition. Congratulations to Alyssa Noel. And thanks to John Tschopp, into whose photo well we dipped, to illustrate this.




At first I wanted to give up. Unburden my long, white neck, proudly arched for many years, and sink slowly beneath the lily pads—maybe get tangled in seaweed and become a vengeful feast for frogs that had kept me fed. But in the year since she flew south I’ve found solace in a simple routine. It goes like this: watch joggers on the boardwalk, take note of snow creeping down the mountains, try not to think about her.




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