Rock your pink shirts, and join guest speaker, Alanna Ray at Signal Hill tonight, 7pm, to learn how to build resiliency and healthy habits in your kids

via Signal Hill PAC’s February Update


All are welcome to hear Alanna Ray, the new Healthy Choices Facilitator for Sea to Sky, present at Signal Hill tonight at 7pm, on the Healthy Choices Program.

Ray is working in conjunction with Whistler Community Services Society to offer prevention-based education about healthy choices, mental health, and related topics.

This presentation will address how the power of nature, adventure, and connections to ourselves and important relationships are integral to mental health and wellness. We will explore how families can bring intention into their relationships, spend restorative time in nature, and have meaningful adventurous experiences. Attendees will learn strategies to help young people and themselves build resiliency, and develop healthy coping strategies for life.