The ongoing Winterfest schedule: a season-long line-up of wintery fun

wintery fun in pemberton 2018

Winterfest did a little pivot this year, and focussed its core efforts on a family-friendly New Years’ Eve celebration. But the season isn’t over, by any means. And as such, the Winterfest Committee is here to remind you to get outside, get together, and celebrate the season.

Explains Winterfest Chair, Carlee Cindric:

We wanted to promote existing and/or planned activities and events that are taking place in January and February as part of Winterfest 2018. We decided as as a Committee that Winterfest doesn’t need to take place on one day or just on One Mile Lake, but that it can and should include all the wintery fun events and activities that are taking in January and February in Pemberton. So, we connected with local organizations, establishments, community groups, etc. to create a list of events to promote under the winter celebration umbrella that is Pemberton Winterfest. Winterfest is involved with a few of the events in the line-up, but really this event listing is more of a community offering for everyone to enjoy.

If people want to share info, join the committee or get more involved, or initiate some kind of wintery fun and invite people along, connect via the Pemberton Winterfest Facebook page, or email Carlee.

Here’s a round-up of what’s going on in the ‘hood to entice you out of hiberation.

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