It’s time to reinvent your spring burn-off practice, because climate change. Also: Wildfire Prep Day will chip it for you, May 6

Yes, it rained the other day. (Me so happy! My new little herb patch/physick garden is now freshly watered.) AND, this is an unsolicited public safety announcement to say, even so, please rethink your desire to burn up all your garden waste.

That, my friends, is a practice that should be retired, as belonging to a bygone era, like the era of the 1970s when my dad built an incinerator in the backyard to do a neat job with his grass clippings from the lawn… because why compost when you can BURN!?!??!!?!?


Do not burn your spring yard waste. Chipper it. Compost it. Turn it into the base for a lasagne garden or a Hugelkultur bed.

Find out more about how to adapt to the moment on Saturday May 6.

Kick off Emergency Preparedness Week
11am-3pm | Downtown Barn

-> FREE BBQ from a Chefs Life for the first 75 people to complete a fire safety activity
-> FREE CHIPPER SERVICE by British Columbia Wildfire Service
-> Flood Preparedness & Mt. Meager Interactive Displays by Stewardship Pemberton
-> Informational booth from Speĺkúmtn Community Forest 
-> Emergency Services Demonstrations by Pemberton Fire Rescue, Search & Rescue, Ambulance & the Village of Pemberton

These photos show a grass fire that almost got away on the weekend, shared by Michelle Beks. “Keep in mind that even though it is still spring it is bone dry out there. This small grass fire in our equipment yard started from a spark from a zip cut and spread fast. We got it out but it is a reminder how dry it really is out there.”

And a few days earlier, Pemberton Firefighters took to instagram to also share a heads-up, after attending a brush fire the previous weekend, from an attempted burn that got away – their ONE HUNDREDTH call this year!

With temperatures warming up this weekend please use caution when performing spring clean ups. We urge residents to avoid burning yard waste to prevent wildfires.

Yesterday Pemberton Fire Rescue attended the 100th call this year, a brush fire from an attempted burn off that got away.

We witnessed a number of small cedar trees fuelling the fire within the property line. This caused an increased risk of fire and heat exposure to the buildings on the property and is an example of the importance of fire smarting your property to remove vegetation fuels from around the home.

@pemberton.firesmart will be hosting an Emergancy Preparedness event next Saturday May 6th with @bcwildfireservice running a chipper service. Please take advantage of this service in disposing of accumulated vegetation from property spring cleaning and fire smarting, rather than burning.

Pemberton Firefighters

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