The word in bird

Springtime through the lens of John Tschopp, my birding guru.

Hello everybody,

With the warmer weather, bird activity is increasing. Between Comox and Pemberton I have a few pictures to show taken over weeks. As usual, the Herring spawn attracted a lot of birds and people. I managed to track down a nice flock of Brant Geese on their way from Mexico to Alaska and Siberia. They have a reststop in the Comox District. In fall on their way south, they do it nonstop.

In front of our house a Anna’s Hummingbird is doing morning Yoga. 

Here in Pemberton Tree Swallows are busy choosing summer quarters.

Today I spotted an unusual visitor, a Say’s phoebe.

I’m told the Trumpeter migration was exceptional. 

Hope everybody is well.            

John Tschopp

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