Arts Whistler’s Feature artist: spotlight on Victoria Saddleman’s Sziktsút Creations

If you subscribe to the Arts Whistler newsletter (you can do it here), you would have scrolled down to discover that Lil’wat7ul Victoria Saddleman of Sziktsút Creations is the feature artist being showcased this month!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Sziktsút Creations is one of the newest additions to the art boutique at Arts Whistler.

You can also find her pieces at the Pemberton Collective.

I focus on the Hummingbird symbol for Valentine’s Day because of its deep meaning. The Hummingbird is a female totem that represents Love, Devotion, Beauty and Healing. They are messengers of Joy, and are highly respected as fierce fighters and defenders of their territory. Not only does the Hummingbird have a deep meaning, but the same can be said about the flowers I paint with them. For example, the Lupin Flowers stand for inner strength and overall happiness. While the Wild Rose is a bit more intense, representing an immortal love that will never fade, not by time or death. These unique pieces of jewelry are all handmade by yours truly. Each piece is sanded down by hand, painted carefully with acrylic paint and topped off with Ecopoxy Resin.

Victoria Saddleman

Sziktsút (Zik-Shoot) means Fallen Tree in the Lil’wat Nation Language.

Victoria’s jewelry is crafted using wood from fallen trees and branches.

Her Facebook page is beautiful:, and her work is also available on Etsy.

“For those who don’t know me personally, My name is Victoria Saddleman and I am apart of the Lil’wat Nation, my Dad comes from the Syilx Nation. I started experimenting with my jewelry business, officially, one year ago. A little bit about my personality; I can be shy, and sometimes I appear more confident then I feel but once you get to know me I start to open up a bit. I take pride in my artwork, and I can be stubborn but I am determined to make you guys pieces that you will cherish as much as I do. I have a big heart and I love so wholeheartedly. I seek peace and happiness, always, but I understand that it has to rain in order for flowers to grow. Art is a therapy for me, and the amount of support I’ve gotten from each of you has been so fulfilling. My heart is beaming and I cannot thank you enough.”

Victoria Saddleman

Victoria has an incredible eye for beauty and I have appreciated her aesthetic for a long time – she was a photo contributor to the Wellness Almanac 7 years ago.

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