XC skiing has opened up at Big Sky, thanks to a partnership with the PVTA

The Pemberton Valley Trails Associations’ 2023 XC Ski Program has officially launched for the season, thanks to a partnership with Big Sky.

Tues – Sun, 10am to DUSK

Admission is FREE, but your donations are welcome, and they will to assist with the maintenance of the track. Recommended donation is $5 per visit. Cash donations can be made in a donation box found at the trail entrance, or paid online at the PVTA website.

All skiers must complete a waiver before using the track. One waiver per person for the season. Waivers can be signed on the big sky golf course website. 

No dogs allowed.

Please obey signage and stay on the designated track.

Conditions may vary.

Track is not patrolled.
Have fun! 

Wed – Fri 4 – 8pm
Sat – Sun 12 – 8pm
Mon – Tue CLOSED

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