Thank you firefighters

Depending on your algorithm, you might have missed this post from the Pemberton Firefighters Association. Normally, we see this crew in their fire fighting kit, so to share a few pics of them in jackets and collars seems important… mostly as a way of saying don’t forget to look beyond the sirens, and the big coats and hats, to the faces and humans who are powering the Pemberton Fire Department. They are volunteering. They do this, IN ADDITION, to being all the other things.

As was said, at the annual Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony, “We wouldn’t be the amazing department we are without our awesome crew.”

Congratulations to those who were recognized:

Jordan Brown, Firefighter of the Year AND Outstanding Service award for attending the most calls, training, and events.

Dom Curulli, Rookie of the Year

Reece Clark, Most Improved

Deputy Chief Hansler 20 years of service

Deputy Chief Malpus 10 years of service

Ashton Sonnenberg (not pictured) 10 years of service

Josh Livermore and Sarah Miller 6 years of service

Adam Whitworth 5 years of service.

Thank you to all our members who put so much time and energy into making PFR great!

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