Spel’kúmtn Community Forest is looking for community members to sit on its Board

Expression of Interest to serve on the Spel’kúmtn Community Forest Board of Directors

The Spel’kúmtn Community Forest (SCF) is seeking qualified and passionate individuals with a breadth of experience, skills and backgrounds to serve on its Board. A diverse Board composition enhances our ability to live up to our stated mission and to be responsive to diverse community interests.

About the SCF

The SCF is a partnership between the Lílwat Nation and the Village of Pemberton designed to promote reconciliation, increase community benefits from local resources and local voice in the management of the surrounding forest. The mission of Spelkúmtn ̓ Community Forest is to operate a safe, profitable and sustainable community forest. The community forest is managed for environmental, social and economic values while taking into consideration the desires of its member and neighbouring communities.

The Lílwat ̓ Nation and Village of Pemberton websites have detailed information about the SCF and its activities, including guiding documents and policies.

About the role: Description and Duties

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors of Spel’kúmtn Community Forest is to foster the long-term success of the SCF. The Board consists of six directors, comprised of an equal number each from the two Shareholders Lílwat ̓ Nation and Village of Pemberton, and may include one council member from each entity.

This is a volunteer board that meets at minimum quarterly, and as needed when business arises. Term length is three years, with possibility of re-appointment.

For full details, visit pemberton.ca/spelkumtncommunityforest.

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