The new transfer station is up and running at its new location, and the bonus added feature is a Reuse Shed!

via @ZeroinonWasteSLRD

As of November 2, 2022, the transfer station has relocated at 1929 Stonecutter Place in the Pemberton Industrial Park.

The new location features two separate waste areas.

Recycling area (no cost): Located at the front of the transfer station site, quick and hassle-free access to unload your:

Paper and Packaging recyclable items (Mixed Containers, Plastic Bags, Glass Jars and Bottles, etc),

• Food Scraps & Organics,

• Used Paint (liquid and aerosol),

• Household Hazardous Waste (solvents, old gasoline, etc); and

• Gently used household items at the Reuse Shed.

Paid Waste Area: If you have a bagged or a truckload of landfill waste simply proceed to the scale house via the scale, where the attendant will weigh your load.

Other items that require a trip over the scale:

• Metal

• Clean Wood

• Yard Waste/ Drywall/Mattress (on rotation)

• Tires

• Large Appliances

It also has a scale. So when bringing loads of Yard Waste, Metal, Drywall, Clean Wood, Landfill Waste, or a Mattress proceed to the scale where the attendant will weigh your load for payment. Each type of material has a different disposal cost based on weight, for example; an upholstered chair that is beyond repair might weigh 65 lbs and therefore cost $5.16. The new system will more accurately track how much waste we create and where there might be further diversion opportunities.

With a new location, staff, equipment and software comes an adjustment period. Your first couple of visits to the facility may take more time than you are used to, please plan accordingly allowing yourself an extra 15 minutes to drop off your recycling as you explore the new facility.

It will be home to the Reuse Shed. The Reuse Shed is a place where residents are invited to bring their gently used household wares they no longer need for other community members to pick them up at no cost.

Guidelines and a list of accepted/not accepted are available at

Please note days and hours of operation are not changing:

Monday 12 – 7pm

Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday 12 – 7 pm

Thursday CLOSED

Friday 12 – 7 pm

Saturday 10 am – 5 pm

Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

Thank you in advance to all the Pemberton Transfer Station users for your patience!

For more information visit

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