Construction heads-up: Village of Pemberton expanding Children’s Centre, will relocate Nature Play park

The Village of Pemberton is expanding the existing Pemberton Children’s Centre to provide additional child care spaces to the Pemberton Community.

Daycare is a critical service that is in short supply in the Pemberton Valley. In 2019, the Village of Pemberton Council established the expansion of daycare facilities as a strategic priority and planning of the Pemberton Children’s Centre expansion project began.

Since that time, in partnership with the Pemberton Childcare Society, the Village of Pemberton has submitted multiple funding applications in an effort to fund the project. In early 2022, the Village was awarded funding through the ChildCare BC New Spaces Fund to complete the expansion.

The purpose-built facility will include two classrooms, a nap/gross motor room, additional staff and child washrooms, an office, kitchen, storage room and additional outdoor space. The new space will be a standalone building adjacent to the existing facility.

Construction of the expansion will commence in Fall 2022.

What’s happening to the Nature Play Park?

The current location of the Nature Play Park falls within the area designated for the Pemberton Children’s Centre expansion project. It’s therefore necessary to relocate the Nature Play Park to the south-east corner of the Pemberton and District Community Centre grounds.

So that we can deliver the expansion of the Pemberton Children’s Centre to the community as soon as possible, site prep earthworks must begin before Winter 2022/23. To allow for this, the existing Nature Play Park will be removed in Fall 2022 and re-installed at the new proposed location in Spring 2023.

What else is happening?

The 3 on 3 basketball court and hoop will remain in their current location and open to the public during construction.

The small water pump directly adjacent to the proposed expansion will be revitalized into a toddler water play space.

The Spray Park will remain in its current location and open to the public during the summer months.

For more information on the Pemberton Children’s Centre Expansion Project, visit

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