Mom and Baby Fitness starts Nov 3

Here’s something I learned when my son was an infant… New moms are in a hurry to see their babies hit the developmental milestones, and can’t wait til they start crawling. Veteran moms are like, “the longer you can lie like a blob in one place, the more I can actually get done… maybe even a work out, before I have to wrangle you away from climbing bookshelves, eating dust bunnies, or pulling other dangerous things onto yourself.”

To all the mamas who have entered into this life transition through the pandemic, my heart to you. It’s tiring and isolating, at the best of times. And you’ve been doing it under this invisible but real strain of pandemic life. Kindness and respect.

Here’s an offering from the Pemberton + District Community Centre’s Rec department that might be right up your alley: Mom and Baby Fitness.

Bring your non crawling baby to mom and baby fitness class. Starting November 3rd at 10:30am, this 45-minute class will be a combination of strength training and low impact cardio to ease you back into your fitness routine. Sign up online at

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