Village of Pemberton’s new Council meet today, Tuesday 5:30pm, and invite you along to their oath-taking, IRL or via zoom

If you only attend one Council meeting this year, let it be this one (because it’s very very quick! like literally 5:30 – 6pm) AND it’s a chance to see the faces of the folk who’ve accepted the invitation to serve our community for the next four years, and stand around them as they formalize that, taking the oath of office, and offering their opening comments.

The Inaugural Council Meeting will take place tonight, Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 5:30pm, and Mike Richman, Ted Craddock, Jennie Helmer, Katrina Nightingale, and Laura Ramsden will be sworn in.

You are welcome to attend the meeting in person, or do it via zoom:

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