No point spending the power outage on the the 30th on the couch – here are some alternatives

There is a scheduled power outage for the Village of Pemberton on Sunday, 30 October from 9am – 5pm, that will affect the entire area — see

Customers in the following communities will experience an interruption of power in the following additional cities – Birken, Darcy, Lillooet, Mount Currie, Pemberton, Squamish, and Whistler **
**Large customer impact, only select street names are listed** — Airport, Alder, Anderson, Anson, Arbutus, Artisan, Aspen, Aster, Balsam, Beechwood, Birch, Black Bear, Blackwater, Carpenter, Cedar, Clearwater, Clover, Collins, Cottonwood, Cougar, Creekside, Darcy, Devine, Dill, Dogwood, Duffy, Eagle, , Erickson, Falcon Cres, Fernwood, Flint, Forestry, Fraser, Frontier, Gabby, Gates Creek, Green, Greenwood, Grouse, Guthrie, Harrow, Hemlock, Hidden, Hunter, Hurley River, Juniper, Koocha, Laburnum, Lakeshore, Larch, Laurel, Lillooet River, Lilwat, Linda, Lois, Lupin, Mackenzie, Main, Meadows, Nquatqua, Olive, Owl Ridge, Park, Pebble Creek, Pemberton, Pine Wood, Pioneer Poole ,Portage, Prospect, Ranch, Reid, River, Rodeo, Roger, Ryan, Seymour, Shier, Stanley, Stonecutter, Summit, Sunstone, Sutherland, Sweetwater, Talbot, Taylor, Timer, Titcomb, Twin Peaks, Ural, Urdal, Venture, Vine, Walker Ville, Warner, Water, White Cap, Willow, Wilson, Wishbone, XStream, Xitolacw

When I looked up the planned outages for Whistler and Squamish, it suggests that those communities will have power on the 30th, but will have planned outages on the 1st or 2nd… so sure, a day trip out of town is an option. But so too is it an opportunity to get out and enjoy this place – either by starting your day with a run or walk up Lumpy’s or working on your bike-safe Halloween costumes, and heading to One Mile Lake for a pre-Halloween family bike ride and BBQ.

This free community event has been provided thanks to Village of PembertonA Chef’s Life and the Pemberton Valley Supermarket for contributing to this free community event, and is presented by the awesome people at PORCA and the Chamber of Commerce.

Wondering what to cook for lunch during a power outage?
We’ve got you sorted!

Want to get outside and bike with your family instead of sitting in your dark house? 
No power, no problem!!!!

Come join the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce and us for a bike ride through Hallowe’en decorated trails of Thuja Plicata and Piece of Cake; wear a bike-friendly costume; and get candy.
Stop by One Mile Lake for a BBQ of burgers, smokies, veggie burgers and snacks. And yes, we will even have gluten-free buns.

Thank you to the Village of PembertonA Chef’s Life and the Pemberton Valley Supermarket for contributing to this free community event.

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