A week in the life: Shayla Wallace’s takeover

I was at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, visiting the Ancient Medicine exhibit, when I saw Shayla Wallace’s photography featured as part of that exploration. Back in 2016, Shay had agreed to be a guestagrammer for the Wellness Almanac, and then become a regular photo contributor, for a few years. I was so stoked to see she was still practicing photography, and reached out to ask if she’d do another guest takeover for us. (2022 feels like so much catching up with lost connections – anyone else?)

I asked her what feels alive these days, and she shared that being outside is what has been keeping her going.

“Biking pretty much saved my life these last few years, climbing has kept me active and reaching new heights, skateboarding has taught me that I can’t get everything on the first try.” 

Last week, she jumped into the role, and shared her photos with us. You can take a peek over at https://www.instagram.com/thewellnessalmanac/, let us know if you’d like to take the reins for a week, and follow her at https://www.instagram.com/waoxantina/

“I’m @waoxantina, translated into English my name is Woman Walks Far. My English name is Shayla, but you can all call me Shay. I’m stoked to be taking over this account for the week. I hope you’re all ready for an adventure and connection with some of what the territory has to offer.”
“I hope you all take some time to look at the little things today. The forest is full of hidden gems.”
“Life is like a web and you as a spider. All you need is time, energy and resources. Go create it.  -Sachin Chaudhary”
“May all of your dandelion wishes come true ❤ Stay happy and healthy friends.”
“Water/reflection photos are my favorite to take. This one was too good to pass up.”

“I went to a skate jam in Mount Currie yesterday, it was so uplifting to see how many kids were out there skateboarding and having fun.”
“Hey, Friends! Today’s the last day of my takeover, thanks for being awesome, stay adventurous and don’t forget to see the little things in life.”

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