Election results for Pemberton – congratulations and thanks to these community-servers

The official results will be announced Wednesday October 19, but the preliminary count was finalized on Saturday night, and we can look forward to swearing in a new Council for the Village of Pemberton (and welcoming back Russell Mack for Area C and Mike Richman for the Village to the SLRD Board.)

Thank you to outgoing Councillors Amica Antonelli, Leah Noble and Ryan Zant for giving four years of their energy, time and care to Pemberton.

CivicInfoBC showed, on Sunday morning, that 36.6% of Pemberton’s estimated eligible voters had their say.

I think it is fair and uncontroversial to say that these roles are not financially lucrative and there’s a lot of personal exposure in stepping forth to serve community on Council. Let’s commit to being as engaged and constructive a community as we can – build a vision, a future and a place we all want to inhabit, more than we tear things/people down. This place is our chosen home, and our lifeboat in a strange and stormy world. Let’s tend it, and each other, as best we can. (And let it be said that that commitment towards care and concern doesn’t end at the Village boundaries… let our care extend throughout the territory, and acknowledge this place and the “true people” of the land, as Lil’wat7ul means.)


The preliminary results of the 2022 Local Election are as follows:


ABOUHALKA, Chadi | 34 votes
MACKENZIE, David | 303 votes
RICHMAN, Mike| 543 votes


CRADDOCK, Ted | 567 votes
GRAVES, Derek | 232 votes
HELMER, Jennie | 748 votes
NIGHTINGALE, Katrina | 587 votes
RAMSDEN, Laura| 559 votes
ZYSMAN, Eli| 85 votes

Official results will published by 4pm, Wednesday, October 19, 2022. 

For more information, visit pemberton.ca/election

At the school district level, we will be represented by Melissa Ronayne and Rebecca Barley.

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