a poem for stillness and a refreshing image for the last day of july

If you were to write your own recipe for august, inspired by this post from the Wild Matryoshka, what would you invite in? Less words and more water? Pauses are not easy to find in life. I may have taken a pause from some work obligations, but the wave rolls back in with family obligations… it makes me need reminding: don’t waste the pauses. Don’t reach for the phone and squander the pause scrolling through instagram… Grab a bit of paper, or a yoga mat, or go rest against the base of a tree or with my feet in a lake. And ask a question and don’t rush to answer it. Just see what makes its way towards you, when you settle into stillness, even for just a moment or two. What would you like to invite in, for August? What is longing and looking for you, too?

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