Women’s Wellness Retreat hosted by Copper Cayuse Outfitters, June 17-19

Evelyn Coggins, a frequent contributor and longtime supporter of the Wellness Almanac, has never been into my crawl space, so she couldn’t actually know about the piles of journals that have accumulated over the past 20 years, and whose amassing has taking on a new kind of urgency through the pandemic, where the pages became a container and scratchpad for a strange time and books were filled within months. It must have been some spidey-sense that prompted her to ask me to offer a journalling workshop at her forthcoming Women’s Wellness Retreat.

Her vision was to create a space for women of all ages and cultural backgrounds to emerge out of these liminal times and underworld initiations, to exchange ideas on what to keep, what to modify and what to reject from our current ways of being… and relax and relate, with wild places, one another and some wise beasts.

I’m so stoked to be part of this, gathering under the benevolent Strawberry Moon, alongside my forest therapist Society of Trees yogi Crystal Conroy breath teacher Jackie Sereda, amazing plant knowledge holder Holly Bikadiof the Lil’wat Nation, therapeutic horsewoman Pippa Hodge, holistic chef Alice Savage, holistic herbal therapist Evelyn Coggins, reiki therapist Rachel Campbell, and language champion and community builder from N’Quatqua, Lisa Sambo.

It’s coming up in June 17-19 – if you know of anyone who might want to blend backcountry glamping, river whispering, horseback riding and thoughtful socializing, send them this link?


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