Wildfire and Emergency Preparedness Day, Saturday May 7, 10-3, Downtown Community Barn, Pemberton

Fire trucks and free donuts.

On the last day of EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK 2022, the downtown Pemberton Community Barn will be host to a fun, informative day of demonstrations and workshops from Pemberton Fire Rescue, BC Wildfire Service, Pemberton FireSmart, Pemberton Search and Rescue, BC Ambulance and the Village of Pemberton.

We’ve had a few gnarly summers of late, friends, which have made getting your preparedness game up to speed less abstract and more important. And it’s always nice to start thinking about such things when you have a little bit of brain capacity, and the energy in the spring air is full of hope. That’s the moment to seize, and build up some reserves of game plans, practices and kits.

Some of the things you can check out at this “better to be prepared than scared” showcase of community awesomeness are:

  • FREE ONSITE CHIPPER SERVICE – Provided by BC Wildfire Service.
    Branches and/or shrubs up to 30cm (anything larger may damage the chipper), Clean vegetation.
    (not accepted: grass, leaves, weeds, root balls, Construction waste, Dirt and rocks and invasive species)
  • CPR and Life Safety demonstration from BC Ambulance.
  • Emergency preparedness instruction from Search and Rescue 
  • FIRE EXTINGUISHER TRAINING with real fire to extinguish!
  • FIRE PREVENTION INFORMATION STATIONS- sign up for a FREE FireSmart home assessment.
  • KIDS FIREFIGHTER ACTIVITIES – Lots of fun for the kids, come and meet the firefighters and check out the trucks.
  • Free Pemberton Potato Donuts provided by The Cheese PusherMan Roadhouse

We are so fortunate in this community to have so many skilled emergency responders, volunteers and deeply capable humans. If you’re anything like me, and don’t really fit into any of those categories, then head on down and let some of that awesomeness rub off. Or, take your kids, and hope that they’ll take the lead.

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