Bird update from John Tschopp

In mid March on the Eastcoast of Vancouver Island a spectacle takes place, which is worth seeing. The Herring Spawn. Millions of Herring come near shore to spawn. This attracts a lot of hungry mouths and beaks. On our last stay in Comox , we were privileged to experience this event. Whales, Sea lions , Seals, Otters and Gulls, they all feast on this bounty. I limit the pictures to the gulls. The light brown matter on shore are Herring eggs. No picture of the Grey Whale, which was feeding next to us. 

 On our return to Pemberton, we were pleased to see most of the snow gone on the field. The puddles attract a lot of ducks, mostly Mallards. Being close to mature Cottonwoods, the Wood ducks show up every year. This couple likes the view from the fence.

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