Lunch Ideas…. and GO!

I heard Eco with Em’s Emily Ehlers on the Futuresteading podcast and have been following her ever since – how can you not crush on someone whose book is called “Hope is a Verb” and who decided to channel her climate anxiety into cute art that makes change feel feasible. Because, I think, most of us want to make a positive contribution, but we need a little relatable, trustworthy and kind-hearted guidance as to how.

Who among us does not need some ideas for making school lunches healthy and appetizing (without requiring that we spend the next ten days drying and curing our own fruit leathers?)

Et voila!

Ehlers’ suggestion include stockpiling stuff in the freezer/fridge. I mean, if you do go on a baking bender, double the batch and do Future You a favour. She does three different bliss ball flavours – cookie-dough, chocolate and coconut/fruit, and then can rotate through for “variety.”

Also, I would like to add, if you are in a phase of life right now where putting some pre-packaged granola bars and fruit gummies in the lunch box is about all you can manage in the morning, then let it be. Some waste will not end the world. Your mental health trumps. Honestly. Given every disposable mask that’s been dropped into the world’s landfills through the pandemic, your eco-lunch-kit-waste sins are not going to push humanity over the edge. As my other inspo goddess Jennifer Anderson aka says, the best lunch is the one they eat.

So, if you are looking for ideas, enjoy.

If you are too overwhelmed right now to contemplate doing anything new or differently, ignore. Go in peace. You are doing a good job.

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