Sneaky stories show up in the store for Family Literacy Week!

Stories are sneaky, you know… they’re tricksy little marvels, the way they wriggle their way into your heart, and sprout their own seeds, so characters and place begin to take root and become a part of you. I like the way they cleverly distract you from where you are (thinking right now about the photo I just saw of my bestie’s 9 year old, lying in ER with a rusty nail in her foot, reading a book to distract her from her mom’s “why won’t you just wear shoes” heavy sighs.) I like the way they sneakily transport you to other places, without you needing a rapid test, a mask, a passport, a ticket, anything at all really. I like that you could be doing your grocery shopping and suddenly you could be distracted and enchanted and reminded that Nature LOVES YOU.

So, I am using sneaky as a compliment. Honest.

This week, find and read, “Can You Hear Me?”at the Pemberton Valley Supermarket. It’s a lovely story about our connection with nature, and it’s been storybombed into the store by the wonderful people (Amanda!) at the Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership.

There’s also a story that has landed at Nester’s in Whistler. And another is headed to the Xet’olacw Community School next week (after Tsipun suffered some flooding.) So wherever you shop, keep your eyes peeled. And if you scan the code, you’ll be entered to win a copy of the book and a gift card to the store!

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