This Boxing Day, let’s show the jackrabbity kids that there are way more good people than bad in the world

So. A major bummer occurred in the ‘hood this month. Some unfortunate being hooked up the trailer that belonged to the Spud Valley Nordic Club, and drove away with it.


That means, they drove away with ALL THE SUPPLIES for a volunteer-powered kids’ activity.


This perplexing behaviour could lead me into a great tantrum. But instead, it feels more constructive to assume that person must be in great pain and was clearly not hugged enough as a child… and to rally with community to focus on the kids… and show them that for every bad apple, there are literally hundreds of good, decent, big-hearted, kind, thoughtful humans amongst us. Let’s focus on that.

I can’t skinny-ski to save my life, and my kid isn’t in this program, but I was happy to make a contribution, mostly because of this: because I want all those kids to know to bet on human beings whenever they have a chance, because we will rise up together, no matter what misfortune comes our way.

A GoFundMe began this week to help replace the equipment at

The wonderful people at Pemberton Valley Supermarket donated $2000! (ANOTHER REASON TO SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES! BECAUSE MY FRIENDS, THEY GIVE BACK IN SPADES.)

But the power of community is that every little bit adds up…

This past week, the Spud Valley Nordic’s trailer was stolen from Nairn Falls parking lot. The trailer contained children’s cross country skis, roller skis, activity equipment, first aid supplies, tables and much more equipment vital to the program run totally by volunteers. The Club is hoping to be able to replace as much contents by January 3rd, and eventually the trailer as well in order for the program to run smoothly this year. This program has been running for over 30 years Please help as any amount will be appreciated. Thank you.

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