Keep your love, and your money, close to home

It’s BC Buy Local Week from November 29-December 5.

You know what to do.

Pop your head inside the door of a local establishment and ask them what’s new. Enlist their help – “I want to do something nice for my mother-in-law this winter.” Go and enjoy the local Christmas craft fairs, and as part of the deal, get inspired to get crafty yourself.

Give a shout-out to a local business or service provider, here in the comments section, or online (and tag us). I saw the most wonderful thread recently on the Pemberton Moms page, in response to a question from someone who had some medical anxiety and was looking for a doctor. The love for our local GPs was amazing, and I thought, wow, I wonder if anyone will show them this. I’ve heard so many people talk about treating themselves to a night in, with Mile One ready-made dinners. I’ve heard people talk about how amazing the Cheese Pusherman is. I love going in to Lil’wat Gas in the morning dark and how quietly kind the staff are. I attended a class at Village Yoga on Monday and I could have cried with joy that Raelene has managed to keep the doors open to this remarkable beautiful studio. Why don’t we get our own thread going, lifting up the local businesses and staff and service providers, who’ve kept this place rolling through some CRAZZY times.

Who wants to go first?

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