How do we place culture at the centre of regeneration? Free talk, December 2

How might we place culture at the centre of regeneration?

Solvable New Works Regeneration is a series of discussions aimed at tackling some of the hard questions of now: how do we create a culture of regeneration (as distinct from the current culture of extraction, destruction and reaction.)

Their next conversation, hosted on Zoom, brings together Icelandic and Anishinaabe stories for a conversation about Regenerative Cultures.

You can register now on Zoom

Andri Magnason is a deep-time storyteller, whose most recent book, On Time and Water, is a beautiful collection of stories and mythologies that anchors language and cultural possibilities of our emerging climatic future

Melanie Goodchild is a systems thinker who interweaves complexity science with Indigenous Knowledge. Melanie’s most recent article works to decolonize systems thinking and awareness through the Haudenosaunee (Mohawk) two-row visual code. Melanie’s article, Relational Systems Thinking: That’s How Change is Going to Come, From Our Earth Mother, can be found here

The program was conceived by Adam Lerner, who blogs at The Understory, and will be co-hosted with the Turtle Island Institute.

I attended their recent dialogue with the AMAZING Tyson Yunkaporta, and couldn’t believe the chance I was given to sit in space with such incredible thinkers. If you have some flexibility with your schedule on Thursday morning, check it out! I’ll see you in the zoom room.


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