Bereavement circle offering for those navigating the loss of a significant other

My dear friend Evelyn Coggins, a much appreciated contributor to this blog, is a good listener. Perhaps it’s through her work as a clinical herbalist which gives her a wonderful ability to listen deeply and to hold confidences, or her passion for horses which provides a special kind of communication ability, an all-body listening, or her connections in this community, but she has recently tuned in to the fact that many people in this community are navigating the loss of a life partner or significant other.

That can be a very lonely experience.

It doesn’t have to be made more lonely, by not having anyone else to walk with, especially when there are others navigating those same waters, nearby.

Evelyn has offered to initiate a circle of some sort – be it chat group, virtual meetings, in person meet or Facebook private group. Reach out to her, at herbsforhealth @, and she will endeavour to make the connections, and even set up an initial zoom meeting.

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