Library offers Learn to Knit a Hat series with Molli Reynolds, Wednesdays in October

I am learning to knit. Because I miss my grandmother. Because it’s fall and rainy and it felt right to challenge myself to learn a new skill. Because a sewing machine is a big investment, but a set of needles and a ball of yarn is easier to carry around than your iPhone and keeps your hands and brain busier than doomscrolling does. And because Molli Reynolds lives here, to our good fortune as a community, and she’s been teaching hand-work at the Waldorf school for over a decade, and I figured, if she has the skills and patience to teach 6 year olds how to knit, she’s got the patience for me.

So I’ve learned how to cast on… (it took one session, a very sad and confusing foray onto YouTube after I dropped so many stitches that I decided to pull my swatch apart and start over because I was pretty sure I remembered how to cast on because Molli had made it look so easy, a private visit/emergency tutorial at Molli’s apartment, which I video’d, the review of that video, and an hour of practicing, but I think I’ve got it now. Guaranteed, you will not take that long. I am just a very slow learner with crafting.)

Technically, I’m learning how to make a pair of socks. But I’m practicing the plain stitches before things get complicated and I have to level up and add in extra needles to knit in the round. (Head explodes.) Right now, it feels unimaginable that I will be able to produce anything as complex as a pair of socks. But I trust Molli.

And bonus! You can too!

The Pemberton and District Library is putting on a Hat Knitting series on Wednesday nights through October.

Every Wednesday for the month of October, local knitting aficionado Molli Reynolds will be hosting a knitting workshop. Over the course of the month, attendees will learn how to knit a hat. Supplies will be provided for those who require them, and no experience is necessary. 🧶

This workshop is intended for adults and attendees should try to attend all workshops, as projects will be continuous.

Capacity is limited so registration is required. Register here:…/fall-knitting-series-with…🧶

About Molli:
Since she was a young child, Molli has enjoyed being creative with pencil, watercolour, chalk, fabric, yarn and wool. And ever since she began teaching at the Whistler Waldorf School 18 years ago, she has been keen to share her joy for a basketful of vibrant yarn, a cupboard full of whimsical fabric or a chalkboard full of swirling colour. She’s taught groups of up to 15 seven-year-olds how to knit and groups of up to 22 eleven-year-olds how to tackle socks so she’s more than ready to teach you how to knit as well! If you are interested in learning the basics of knitting (knit and purl stitches) and creating a simple toque to take home, this workshop is for you. No experience is necessary; however, some knitting will need to be done between sessions. When not at work teaching, Molli can be found rambling around town with her dogs, Pickle and Sky or resting at home with her canine couch potatoes – often with her knitting in her hands.

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