Last week for 13-18 year old young women to order your t-shirts! Free for N’Quatqua girls and just $14.95 for friends and allies.

Young women, you are the future matriarchs.

Life will enter into the world, through you.

Community will be built around you, through you.

The most beautiful future we can imagine, will come about thanks to the work of your hands.

To honour the young women of this land, and restore fluency in Ucwalmicwts, the language of this land, the N’Quatqua Child and Daily Development Centre is continuing it’s wonderful t-shirt project, and offering a free t-shirt to any 13-18 year old girls in or from N’Quatqua.

Allies and friends and little sisters are invited to be part of the project, and can purchase one for themselves or as a gift, for $14.95.

Follow the links below, for the free, or the paid, option.

Orders close September 23!

The t-shirt will have the following written in ucwalmicwts.  

(English will not be on the t-shirt.)    

Í7mats  grandchild

Kíka7 girl, woman

Smúlhats skúza7  daughter

Kéckec  older sister

Stunc  niece

Snúk̓wa7  friend, relative

Núxwa7  sweetheart  

click on this to hear pronunciations from fluent speakers or go to:

Coming soon:  

ucwalmicwts t-shirt #5 young men 13-18yrs,

ucwalmicwts t-shirt #6:  girls 0-12yrs, 

ucwalmicwts t-shirt #7: boys 0-12yrs.

This offer is available until Sept 23, 2021.

Questions ?  email:

Are you an off-reserve N’Quatqua young woman who is 13-18 years old?

Are you a young woman who is living in N’Quatqua and 13-18 years old?

If you answered YES to one of the above questions, you are eligible to receive ONE FREE ucwalmicwts t-shirt. 

Follow the link to place your order

or email Lisa with t-shirt size and colour, or phone 604-452-3584, or stop by N’Quatqua Child and Family Development Centre 

Are you a non-N’Quatqua member and want to buy an ucwalmicwts t-shirt?

Are you a N’Quatqua member and want to buy an extra one for yourself?

Are you a N’Quatqua member and want to buy some for your friends or relatives?

Do you have a 0-12 year old girl and want to buy one for her?

If you answered YES to one of the above questions follow the link to buy ucwalmicwts t-shirt #4.  

They are $14.95 each.

Kukwstum̓úlhkal̓ap: thank you (more people to more people) 

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