Kíka7! N’Quatqua honours young women. Order your t-shirts before Sept 23


To honour young women, and to restore fluency in ucwalmicwts, a t-shirt is being printed…

After starting with a t-shirt that featured a greeting, this shirt is part of a larger series, offering t-shirts emblazoned with the words that express the way we are related to one another.

The t-shirt will have the following written in ucwalmicwts.  (English will not be on the t-shirt.)    

Í7mats  grandchild

Kíka7 girl, woman

Smúlhats skúza7  daughter

Kéckec  older sister

Stunc  niece

Snúk̓wa7  friend, relative

Núxwa7  sweetheart  

click on this to hear pronunciations from fluent speakers or go to:  www.FirstVoices.com

Who is this t-shirt for?

Are you an off-reserve N’Quatqua young woman who is 13-18 years old?

Are you a young woman who is living in N’Quatqua and 13-18 years old?

If you answered YES to one of the above questions, you are eligible to receive ONE FREE ucwalmicwts t-shirt. 

Follow the link to place your order: https://urstore.ca/group/nquatqua-young-woman-t-shirt

or email Lisa with t-shirt size and colour, or phone 604-452-3584, or stop by N’Quatqua Child and Family Development Centre 

Can anyone else order a t-shirt?

Are you a non-N’Quatqua member and want to buy an ucwalmicwts t-shirt?

Are you a N’Quatqua member and want to buy an extra one for yourself?

Are you a N’Quatqua member and want to buy some for your friends or relatives?

Do you have a 0-12 year old girl and want to buy one for her?

If you answered YES to one of the above questions follow the link to buy ucwalmicwts t-shirt #4.  

They are $14.95 each.


Kukwstum̓úlhkal̓ap: thank you (more people to more people) 

This offer is available until Sept 23, 2021.

Questions ?  email:  lisa.sambo@nquatqua.ca

Coming soon:  

ucwalmicwts t-shirt #5 young men 13-18yrs,

ucwalmicwts t-shirt #6:  girls 0-12yrs, 

ucwalmicwts t-shirt #7: boys 0-12yrs.

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