Progress Not Perfection – Day 2

Over the next 6 days I will use art I created in my “Progress Not Perfection” art series to explore my thinking about:

  • Community development
  • Racial justice

I think deeply about community development and racial justice across all areas of my life.
And what does that mean? Who am I?

I am a 47 year old white woman living in N’Quatqua territory (the ucwalmiwcts name for D’arcy).

In my family life I am a daughter, a grand daughter, a sister, a cousin, an auntie, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a community member.

In my work life I am a community developer, an instructor, an advocate, a coordinator, a convenor, and a project manager.

In my own mind I am an artist, an athlete, a listener, a helper, a learner, a cheerleader, a supporter, an ally, and a cook.

I am able bodied and neuro typical.

I was born into a female body, I feel like a woman, and I express myself in ways that are mostly considered female. I use “she/her” pronouns to describe myself.

The word I use to describe all these different roles and descriptions is “intersectionality”. The images that best describes how intersectionality looks to me are from Day 7 (Abstract) and Day 91 (Motherhood).

In “Abstract”, the many overlapping circles represent the different roles and descriptions I take on. Some roles/circles are close to each other, and some are far away. Some seem close to the surface, and others are more in the background.

Through the drawing “Motherhood” I see that intersectionality doesn’t actually happen in clean and tidy circles. The patterns of colour on the face show that intersectionality is messy. The image reminds me that a person in progress can be beautiful and messy.

However I see it, the intersections of my life are important to stake a claim in because they show my privilege. I don’t experience inequity very often, but I believe I have a role in supporting those who do.

Starting tomorrow I will explore community development and racial justice through the intersections of my life using the term “community capacity building”.

Day 7 (Abstract)
Day 91 (Motherhood)

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