Hyperlocal adventures part 7: Tourism Pemberton says take to the skies

Looking to get up, up, up and out of this world? Blackcomb Helicopter’s is your ticket to fly. Enjoy a gourmet picnic on top of the world or hit a golf ball off the towering Mount Currie or paddleboard on a pristine alpine lake or take your alpine hiking adventures to new heights or try your hand at alpine fishing.

Explore the beautiful views of Pemberton, BC from the sky on an exciting helicopter tour for the ultimate BC experience.

That brings us to the end of our 7 part round-up of local highlights from Tourism Pemberton. How many have you experienced? And what other local treasures have you discovered? What do you recommend when your favourite people come to visit and you want them to understand why you live here and love it? What local highlights does this list miss? What other stories of this place should we be telling and sharing?

Whatever it may be, let’s take a leaf from the invitation shared by the new Range Beyond Range Circle Route, that links Pemberton, Lillooet and the Bridge River Valley, about how to be a good traveller – whether you’re adventuring at home, or beyond your own backyard.

The code of the backcountry traveler is simple:

  • Leave no trace. Pack out what you pack in.
  • Live it for real life, not for likes.
  • Respect the ancestors of these lands. Respect the people and language who know this land as their heart’s home. (Learn a phrase or greeting in the traditional language. The land will be happy to hear it.)
  • Respect the travelers who are still to come this way, who will want to feel the same thrill of discovery and wonder that you do, by leaving the place better and cleaner than you found it.
  • Please bring your curiosity, your self-reliance, and the skills you learned in kindergarten about not taking what’s not yours, cleaning up when you’re done, and saying thank you with your words and actions.

Ranging this way, traveler, you will find yourself among friends, invigorated by a deep sense of belonging, welcome to come again and again.

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