7 local Pemby adventures – take the Tourism Pemberton challenge and try at least one local adventure this summer

Travel like a locavore – that is, like someone with an appetite for home-grown adventures and the flavour of the local terroir.

There’s much to suggest that the panacea for much of the world’s current ills (pandemic-vulnerability, climate catastrophe), lies in rooting back down, far more deeply, to our places, making our local economies more resilient (and less extractive, global and monopolised).

In that vein, Tourism Pemberton took up our invitation to do a week-long takeover of the blog, and share a week’s worth of local adventures.

We start today with the Pemberton Farm Tour.

A self-guided farm tour experience for folks of all ages created to help share the stories of our local farmers and producers and offer up a farm country experience…Pemberton style!

Purchase organically grown vegetables and flowers direct from the farm, indulge in freshly baked goodies, enjoy a locally grown craft beer or try Pemberton’s famous potato distilled liquors. Do as much or as little of the tour as you like…it’s a local farming choose your own adventure.

To find out more about the participating farms and venues and to download the brochure map, visit the Pemberton Farm Tour.

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