Happy Spring Equinox and Happy Astrological New Year!

So, according to my sources, today marks the moment here in the Northern Hemisphere, where we experience the Spring Equinox… “a time of balance between the light and dark and a day to celebrate new beginnings.”

As an added bonus, and something I’ve only just started to learn, it also marks the shift from Pisces season to Aries season, and the beginning of the next trip around the zodiac. I share this mostly because the cute little cosmic newsletter I subscribe to (as an energizing counterpoint to the political essays), wrote this: “so, if the first 3 months of 2021 felt a little meh (or like a 2020 hangover) then consider this your official fresh start.” To which I responded, I WILL TAKE THAT! Thankyou!

You’re probably starting to think a lot about your garden and what you can get started… what if you expand that thinking to other metaphorical seeds…what else might you initiate right now? How can you resource yourself? Where would you look if you followed your curiosity? What might you gift yourself – a new podcast to download? a new haircut? a releasing of something that has been wearing you down? Don’t make it big if it feels burdensome… as the wonderful people at the local nursery once told, just stick things in the ground and see what happens. Some things won’t make it. Some will. Let it be joyful and experimental… because, the wheel of the year will come around to this moment again, 12 months from now. So I promise, it doesn’t all depend on getting it right in this moment. But it’s a moment that is here today, so why not give it a little attention and curiosity (my two favourite superpowers.)

Happy spring equinox. Here’s to balance and new beginnings.

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