Free talk on awesomeness and healing power of horses, with local guide Kera Willis, Friday March 19

Pemberton’s Kera Willis from Mountain Horse School is a feature speaker at the Healing with Horses Collective Telesummit, which is happening virtually this week. Kera’s talk on “how to bring kids together with horses in ways that catalyze healing, communion and wonder” will air on Friday, March 19 at 6am, and you’ll then have 24 hours to listen for free, before it becomes part of a bundle of talks that can be purchased. If you’re interested in the healing that happens between horses and humans and their gifts to us at this time in our collective evoolution at this time (as well as how we can reciprocate with gifts of our own), tune in.

Sign up at the link and you’ll be emailed as each presenter’s talk goes live.

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