Oranges are here

The oranges are here!

A potato truck full of fresh Florida oranges is about to dose us with Vitamin C, and the proceeds will support Stewardship Pemberton Society and the One Mile Lake Nature Centre’s programs and community services.

A box of oranges contains 88 little orange globes and will set you back $45.

It is first come, first serve.

If 88 is too many, split a box with a friend. As COVID-safely as you can. Or just juice half of them.

There are safety protocols in place to make sure this is a joy-spreading event, and nothing else. Please read through in advance, so you understand the safety dance. (And imagine this playing out from above, on timelapse – what a beautiful choreography it will be.)

Details via Stewardship Pemberton:

The oranges can be purchased at the Pemberton Visitor Centre. THIS IS A DRIVE THROUGH EVENT.


Wednesday to Friday 2:30 – 6pm Feb 3rd, 4th & 5th.

Saturday Feb. 6th and 7th from 10-2 pm *unless sold out earlier!


We have been working with Public Health and MUST follow our COVID 19 safety plan, as detailed below, when you pick up the oranges.

COVID 19 Protocols (apologies for being so blunt and strict but we love our town and need to keep everyone safe). We will have this sign posted as well.

1). Exact cash only ($45 per box). You will be asked to insert your cash in a bucket. We are NOT able to make change and are not taking e-transfer or personal cheques.

2). You need to be able to load the oranges yourself – we can not help you (sorry!).

3). If you have been asked to isolate by Public Health- DO NOT COME!

4). If you have any COVID symptoms – DO NOT COME!

This includes the following:

Fever or chills


Loss of sense of smell or taste

Difficulty breathing

Sore throat

Loss of appetite

Extreme fatigue or tiredness


Body aches

Nausea or vomiting


5). Do not park and walk up to the table. You must drive through with your vehicle.

6). Remain in your vehicle until we indicate that we are ready for you to pick up your oranges. Maintain physical distancing at all times. Sorry, no socializing!

7). When we give you the thumbs up, exit your vehicle and follow these steps (dont worry – we will have a sign you can read on site)

A. Put on your mask.

B. Exit vehicle and stand at the orange cone (no pun intended!)

C. Indicate the number of boxes required.

D. Wait for the boxes to be placed on the table and for our volunteer to return to their cone.

E. Approach the table and sanitize your hands.

F. Move the box(es) from the table to your vehicle.

G. Place your exact cash in the plastic bucket.

H. Sanitize your hands.

I. Return to your vehicle

J. Leave the site promptly – don’t get out and socialize at any time.

Pemberton Valley Rona have agreed to be our super star partners again this year! Starting on Wednesday Feb. 3rd, we will keep Rona stocked until we sell out. They are open 9-6 Monday to Saturday. People must follow Rona’s COVID safety protocols.

Oranges are available on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.

We have NO reservation system in place (even if you indicated you wanted a box) so please just come and pick up!

We have 432 boxes so I don’t forsee any issues.

Thank you for your support everyone!

Thanks to Marie Ronayne, Pemberton & District Chamber of Commerce, Lil’wat NationK Pemberton Valley RonaKVillage of Pemberton, and BC Public Health for helping us to make this happen. It takes a Village!

Stewardship Pemberton Team

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