To wish one another well

Sometimes, my wishes are petty (pause here: PETTY, not pretty, as autocorrect would have preferred. Petty as in small and mean) and I’m glad I don’t have a genie hanging on my every word only to realize I’ve just squandered my opportunity to summon in world peace, so I can be bikini-buff AND eat a personal endless supply of ice-cream.

I wish the drone of heavy machinery I can hear from my home office would end. I wish it would dump snow. I wish it would occur to asymptomatic COVID-carrying jetsetters that they should stay home. See? I’m not manifesting higher vibrations here.

That’s why I love the sign outside Signal Hill Elementary school right now. Main drag. There for all to see. In three languages.

Be Well.

Prenez soin.

Amhas Kws Wa7su.

The Signal Hill Elementary School sign message this week is brainchild of principal Roberta Kubik and the handiwork of volunteers Tara Teigen and Shelley Barnes.

What a great re-set… even as other less enlightened wishes threaten to entangle me, I can come back to this. AND I wish you well. I’m thinking about tacking this on to all my thoughts this week, like a kid’s wordgame where every sentence has to end in potato-balls. And I wish you well.

As if, no matter what pettiness might leak out of me, I can always come back to this.

I wish you weren’t standing so close to me. And I wish you well. I wish you were wearing a mask. And I wish you well. I wish you didn’t have your music up so loud. And I wish you well. I wish this line-up wasn’t so long. And I wish you well.

And surely it can only serve to amplify my most heartfelt desires and affections, right?

I hope you have a good day at school today. Beloved, I wish you well. I hope your manuscript does get picked up by a huge publisher. Friend, I wish you well. I hope you can find it through another day, despite your grief. Dear one, I wish you well. I hope you find plenty of seeds this morning. Birdies, I wish you well.

The kicker, of course, might be to turn such good wishes back on oneself – you know, a little lovingkindness ninja work. Another spoon full of sugar for the tea. Self, I wish you well.

I shall report back on my progress. If you try it, let me know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “To wish one another well

  1. Josef A Kuhn says:

    Such warm, thoughtful, wonderful words from a person that must be the same. So nice that I can know you a bit Lisa, if only on the www. Namiste ~ Josef.

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