Plan for a radical spring

Share your seeds. Share your starts. Share your successes.

As Robin Wall Kimmerer said so beautifully, in this fantastic article about saskatoonberries and the economics of scarcity , abundance is at the heart of Nature. If you’re feeling disconnected from that, if that statement makes you scoff and point to all the examples of famine and fire and scarcity, that’s okay. Scarcity is a hard mindset to shake. It digs its claws in deep and it can rally many proof points to the table and it’s good to remember that our economic system is based on this idea… this is a fundamental tenet in our system, that everything is scarce (and that’s how we can create wealth structures.) (Read the whole article to really dig into it. It’s thought provoking.)

But, whenever I slip into scarcity mind-spin, which happens ALL the TIME – (I’m not enough, I don’t have enough, one million variations of same), the most effective way to stop it, is with gratitude.

Also, seed saving. Because when I go and tickle some cosmo seeds off the dried flowers, I’m like, OMG, I don’t even have enough garden bed to plant all of these. Guess I better give a bunch away.

5 thoughts on “Plan for a radical spring

  1. plumdirt says:

    Finding the people with which to share abundance is the beginning of community in one’s own little world.
    Would you like some okra seed? Talk about abundance…

      • plumdirt says:

        Ha! I haven’t the slightest idea. It likes hot and dry after warm and wet. I’m in Central Texas and it is one of the few things that harvests through July and August.

      • plumdirt says:

        The Internet claims you can succeed up to Zone 5. I’m not too into the zones as they make southern England the same zone as me, and yet their rain and my temperatures are so different.

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