May we grow back – a wish for the years ahead

This poster was made by Jennifer Bloom/Radici Studios. In May, she wrote about printing it out in her garage and taping it to a wall of her local grocery store.

She wrote: “I chose a spot on the wall outside the store where people line up to wait their turn to go inside. I taped the poster up a couple feet from the yellow and red warning signs that state in bold letters: Do not enter the store if you feel sick. Always wear a mask. Keep your distance from others. 

I walked back home with this prayer in my head:

May it give someone standing on their piece of duct tape reason to look up from their phone and feel a sense of possibility.”

She’s also written about how to cultivate creativity in yourself, which to me, basically boils down to giving yourself the space to be a bit silly – and if not silly, then at the very least, bored. Give yourself the space to feel bored, instead of reaching for the phone to fill in the blanks all the time.

I think these two wishes are connected – not just by the artist behind them. I think the idea of growing into something even better is connected with radical imagination, our willingness to be creative, to try things, to make a little mess, to honour the creator inside us. May you find the time and space to express your secret heart and your most audacious hopes for the world and your loved ones, over the days and years to come. Happy 2021.

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