This is who we are: resilient

I see glimpses of what makes this community resilient, in these images – shared by Ricardo Lau, Michelle Beks, Valerie St Arnaud and Blair Kaplan – I see a willingness to sweat and tackle hills and heartbreak, the unbelievable adaptability of local businesses, the strength and grounding that practicing culture and ceremony offers, the magic of the garden, the beautiful place we dwell, the things we’re able to make with our hands, from the bounty of each microseason or moment, how neat and important it is to remember that we share this place, with the more than human world, the joy and lift we get when we get to be together…

I believe in the resilience of this community, and I hope that we put effort, in the year to come, into supporting that and nurturing that… but first, in simply acknowledging it.

The local caseload is rising. Let’s not give up on each other. Let’s dig deep, even if we feel tapped out, and fuel our resilience with that which makes it grow – hill climbs, one another, culture, singing, drumming, frosty mornings, beautiful boardwalks, glimpses of life, the peaches or fruit we put away in the summer as offerings to our future selves.

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